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Your Journey from a Pupil to a Student

The Learning Process


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Learning process

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An ordinary earthling,

Ready to be a part of the learning process,

From a pupil to a student to a human,

With fledgling individuals and long-serving beings.


From an Unqualified Existence to a Qualified Life


Learning process

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Your journey from a pupil to a student to a human,

From an inexperienced person to an unimpeachable personage,

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May bring you many a stoppage

Which can be turned into a haven of peace and tranquillity.


Requirements: Virtues


A Virtuous Life

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Your journey from a pupil to a student to a human

Needs things sacred and solemn.

The pilgrimage from a learner to a learned person

Necessitates tools sanctified and strengthened.


Pace: Natural



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Although the mind may take its time to grow,

Albeit the body may undergo its phases to shape,

Yet the grace of learning shall bestow

Natural glow.


They say everything has two sides

Which can be reflected in the lines:

A small amount of knowledge endangers one and all.

A bit of something is superior to nothing at all.


True learning is feasible

When the heart is pure,

While the mind is sure

And the path is honourable.


Whether it is the twenty-four-hour period, the day,

Or a gateway to some excellence,

One ought to be able to understand every clue

To Nature’s beauty and magnitude.


The human life, as such,

Has an infinite source of verve and resources.

The merit lies in awakening its wonders,

The pearls of wisdom and glorious splendours.



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The enlightening mastery,

The fulfilling deliverance,

Brings saintly glee and peace

To the lives of humanity.


Every utterance and every voice

Bears and manifests its vividness, depth and consequences of ignorance or fruits of learning.

One may be versed in it if one is righteous

And possesses poise.


Information to Wisdom

Information leads to knowledge.

Knowledge brings intelligence.

Intelligence results in wisdom.

Only the purity of the heart pronounces on the outcome.


Purity is rare

In the world insecure and insincere.

When falsehood is bare,

Only the pure dare.


The learner and the veteran seem to be inconsequential

Even to the seemingly fathomable ocean of phenomena,

Let alone the seemingly unfathomable ocean of noumena

Whether lives are just existential or essential.


Still, as bubbles or droplets of rain,

They enjoy their share of the sun.

If one’s looking glass evinced the personality instead of the countenance,

One would not glance at oneself in the reflecting surface.


Your journey from innocence to happiness,

The voyage of self-discovery,

Your odyssey,

Uplifts you.


May you savour your learning odyssey from facts and figures to sagacity!

Your journey from a pupil to a student

To a worthy human can be immensely rewarding

If you work for a just and environmentally sustainable society.

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Thinking about the blog (poem) :

Opening Statement

Learning could well be an inspiring and fruitful journey.

Between the Lines

All the obstacles placed in one’s path are to be overcome.

The End of the Line

Constant self-improvement is the key to a beautiful life.


Are you able to listen to your inner voice?


earthling: a person living on earth

pupil: a school-going person

student: a person who studies at a university or a college

human: a human being, a person having compassion

fledgling: inexperienced

individual: a person considered separately rather than as part of a group

long-serving: experienced

beings: human beings

unimpeachable: that you cannot doubt or question

personage: an important person

stoppage: a situation in which something does not move forward or is blocked

haven: a place which is safe and peaceful where people and animals are protected

tranquillity: peacefulness, restfulness, the state of being calm

sacred: holy

solemn: very sincere

necessitates: makes something necessary

tools: (here) virtues

sanctified: made holy

albeit: although

bestow: give

reflected: shown

feasible: possible and likely to be achieved

gateway: a means of getting or achieving something

magnitude: great importance

verve: energy, enthusiasm

splendours: beautiful and impressive features or qualities

enlightening: making them understand something better

mastery: command

fulfilling: causing somebody to feel satisfied and useful

deliverance: the state of being rescued from danger, evil or pain

saintly: very holy and good

glee: delight

utterance: the act of expressing something in words

bears: shows

manifests: presents clearly

vividness: very clear pictures

consequences: unpleasant results

fruits: good results

versed: expert

righteous: morally right and good

poise: a calm and confident manner with control of your feelings or behaviour

purity of heart: freedom from evil in words, thoughts and deeds

pronounces on: gives a decision about

rare: uncommon

inconsequential: not important

seemingly: apparently

fathomable: something which could be understood

phenomena: facts or events in nature or society, especially those which are not fully understood

unfathomable: too strange or difficult to be understood

noumena: things as they are in themselves, which are not knowable by the senses

existential: connected with human existence

essential: vital, completely necessary

looking glass: mirror

evinced: showed clearly

countenance: a person’s face

(to) glance: (to) look quickly at

reflecting surface: a mirror, etc.

voyage: a long journey

odyssey: a long journey full of interesting and new experiences

(to) savour: (to) enjoy a feeling or an experience completely

facts and figures: the basic details, numbers, etc. concerning a particular situation, etc.

sagacity: good judgement and understanding

immensely: very, exceptionally, extremely

rewarding: satisfying

just: morally fair and reasonable, equal


Road to learning

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