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Humans and Humane Faces

humans and humane faces

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If one finds that innocent humans and humane faces are turning evils,
If today’s scientific knowledge makes the life of humans and humane faces dull and mechanical,
If one watches that Nature is losing Her charm,
If one understands that ‘human’, the best creation of Nature, is nowhere near the term,
If one experiences that the Universal Music is falling into chaos,
If one observes that the garment of virtue is getting defaced and destroyed,
If one discovers that today’s civilization is suffocating humanity,
If one realizes that storms destroy flowers, not the seed,

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(The image: Courtesy of Marketa Klimesova from Pixabay)

If one apprehends that bullying, ragging, acid-throwing, molesting or raping is worse than carnage,

If one becomes conscious of the fact that adulteration is worse than a genocidal massacre,

If one does not forget to register that producing plastic products is hurting Mother Nature,

If one spots and stumbles over lingual, gender, social, racial, class, etc. discrimination,

If one encounters gender, class, educational, structural, racial, social, economic, regional, global, sectarian, etc. inequality,

If one unearths that the many are consumed or driven by pure greed and selfishness,

If use-and-throw attitude of people upsets one,

If one disinters that pure selfishness is the root cause of very many evils,

If one sees that a couple of hours’ thirst or a couple of days’ hunger removes the difference between the haves and the have-nots,

If one pinpoints that people overlook the faults of their dear ones,

If one realizes that the same people condemn others for the same faults,

If one learns that corruption or corrupted creatures threaten the very fabric of society,

If one wishes to be a victim of a lion or a tiger before making a cow or a lamb one’s own victim,

If one reasons that a disposed case may not mean justice,

If one feels that justice denied or delayed is injustice inflicted,

If one espies that one’s tongue, the only one, is accompanied and guarded by three wonderful couples,

If the perfect couples, two ears, two eyes and two nostrils, teach one the value of silence,
If one thinks that Voice is quiet, but noise is deafening,

If one finds out that people dream or crave alike, whether they sleep on bare earth or on a soft silken bed,

If one’s findings lead one to the understanding that all are equal,

If one perceives that popularity, office and Mammon are, more often than not, the executioners of Nature and Life,


Learning from avifauna

Flying and learning together

(The image: Courtesy of Andre_ Rau from Pixabay)

If one is ready to learn from Birds:

Opening out their wings,

Having confidence in themselves before taking off,

Achieving success even after many failures,

Flying and flocking together,

Picking up strength from one another,

Searching for sustenance together,

Concentrating for long periods before the honour,

Showering their soulmates with lifetimes’ love,Showing the strength of companionship

(The image: Courtesy of Kandhal Keshvala from Pixabay)

Uncovering the importance of togetherness,

Flocking or chirping,

Singing and showing their true nature,


(The image: Courtesy of Screamenteagle from Pixabay)

Being good partners and parents,

Going out even in adverse weather,

Fetching food for their young ones,

Showing the worth of little things,

Picking up small things,

Creating their artistic, enchanting and comfortable houses,

Enjoying the same routine wholeheartedly,

Spreading music and cheerfulness,

Making an appearance early and frequently,

Fitting with the seasons,

Blending with the flow,

Allowing their colours to glow,

Returning home in time.

If one has a dream to sing freely like birds,


Learning from florets or flowers

learning from flowers

(The image: Courtesy of Larisa Koshkina, Larisa-K, from Pixabay)

If one is ready to learn from flowers:

Beginning their life with the soft opening of their petals,

Signalling the coming of fruit or fragrance,

Enjoying their energy and newness,

Seeking artistry and beauty,

Giving freshness and fragrance

(The image: Courtesy of Vesna Italy, GracefulRealm, from Pixabay)

Inspiring confidence and hope,

Surviving weather adversity,

Welcoming both favourable and unfavourable  circumstances with tender feelings,

Some blossoming in the dark once in ages,

Blooming unnoticed,

Unfurling, in the pitch-black darkness, joy and beauty only a willing soul can behold,

Some saluting the sun all day,

(The image: Courtesy of jvalley678 from Pixabay)

Spreading freshness, fragrance, tenderness, cheerfulness and beauty,

Some taking birth in filthy or prickly conditions,

Rising above impurity,

Lotus rising above the impurity

(The image: Courtesy of Bob Williams, Coltsfan, from Pixabay)

Outspreading grace and purity,

Giving everything beautiful selflessly to others,

Keeping everything painful to themselves,

Softening hearts with their splendour,

Enjoying in the light of their glory,

Being natural with their appearance and warmth,

Living patiently, fully and smilingly their evanescent life.

Even the end of a flower or a floret

Gives birth to a piece of fruit

Which bears seeds with invisible roots,

Capable of bringing forth new and lively plants.

If one grasps that every single rose is born after crossing many thorns,

If one recognizes that even the king of flowers wears the crown of thorns,

If one has a dream to bloom and blossom joyfully like flowers,

learning from rose

(The image: Courtesy of HeungSoon from Pixabay)

Pleading by conscience 

If one fathoms out that a pure heart is the treasure par excellence,

If one’s inner voice inspires one to do one’s humane bit for the sake of all the humans and humane faces,
If one’s inspiration to do something humane is persistent, clear and loud,

The one is eternally beautiful and youthful.

The one is most welcome to ‘’.


Thinking about the blog:

Opening Statement

Humans, for one reason or the other, have said goodbye to a virtuous life. 

Between the Lines

There is a yearning to find peace and happiness.

The End of the Line

There is a need for introspection and action.


Do you, upon sincere self-analysis, really find yourself pure at heart? 



humane faces: compassionate persons; humanoids

term: word

Universal Music: the music of conscience (It also includes ‘universal music’ which means ‘domestic, political, racial, linguistic, social, etc. harmony’; ”the harmony of the spheres/heavenly bodies; ‘the harmony of our energies’.)

falling into chaos: getting into a state of confusion or disorder

suffocating: killing, choking

apprehends: understands

carnage: the violent killing of a large number of people

adulteration: the act of making food or drink less pure by adding another substance to it, contaminate

genocidal: involving the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation, etc.

massacre: the killing of a large number of people in a cruel way

to register: to notice

spots: sees or notices

stumbles over: (here) suffers from

discrimination: unfair treatment

encounters: faces

unearths: finds or discovers something by chance or after searching for it

the many: most people

consumed: (here) destroyed

driven: (here) provoked

disinters: finds something that has been hidden or lost for a long time

pure selfishness: the selfishness at the cost of Nature and others

very many: a great many, countless

the haves: people who have enough money and possessions

the have-nots: people who do not have money and possessions

inflicted: enforced, imposed

Voice: inner voice, the voice of conscience

noise: words, talks, discussion, dialogue, speech, etc. without the consent of conscience

deafening: very loud, making one mad, angry, etc.

(to) dream: (to) have dreams or visions (or desires or aspirations)

(to) crave: (to) to ask for something seriously, (to) have a very strong desire for something

alike: in a very similar way

perceives: understands, notices or becomes aware of something

office: an important position of authority

Mammon: money and wealth when it has become the most important thing in somebody’s life and as important as a god

executioners: killers

avifauna: the birdlife found in a region

sustenance: the food and drink, needed to live and stay healthy

the honour: the reward, (here) their staple food

soulmates: life partners

enchanting: charming

fitting: going

blending: going

glow: shine

to sing freely like birds: to live your life, following the voice of your conscience

florets: small flowers

ages: a very long time

the pitch-black darkness: complete darkness

a willing soul: one who is able to go into the hidden aspects of life

unfurling: spreading

behold: see

saluting: bowing to/before, admiring, having respect for

filthy: very dirty and unpleasant

prickly: covered with prickles, thorny, difficult to deal with

everything painful: mud, thorns, etc.

splendour: grand and impressive beauty

evanescent: momentary, disappearing quickly from sight or memory

pleading: an act of asking for something which one wants or needs very much, in an emotional (here, in a moral or spiritual) way

conscience: inner voice, morals, ethics

fathoms out: discovers

par excellence: better or more than all others or everything of the same kind

persistent: never-ending

NB Nature, Universal Music, Life and Voice have life force.


(The image: Courtesy of Annette, anncapictures, from Pixabay)

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