Life and Esoteric Science

Peaceful Life


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A Heartfelt Statement by the



 ‘We, cap in hand, hereby, state that a peaceful life is possible only when purity of thoughts, simplicity and wisdom reign supreme here, there and everywhere. Life is too noble to be wasted in negativities or defeatism. We, the diseases and the evils, on becoming soulmates, i.e. on getting their quietus, do realize that the twin virtues of sweet innocence and profound wisdom can flower Life in all its natural glory. Evils, whatever they are, give rise to a vicious circle which destroys ecosystem. In the scheme of the cosmos, the destruction of an ecosystem causes the apocalypse. Evils are bound to take our dear planet, mother earth, to her untimely demise. From mental pollution to environmental pollution, evils have hurt mother earth very many times.’




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The Certification of Marriage


This is to vouch for


The Evils and The Diseases

that they are unified in the (Sac)red Wedlock at eight p.m., IST, on the eleventh day of February in the year two thousand twenty-four at by virtue of the power vested in me by Mother Nature.


The Ceremony

has been eye witnessed and ear witnessed by the oppressed of the world.

The Signatories:   Nature   &   Earth     

The Witnesses:    Oppressed Earthlings


Officiated by Mother Earth


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To lose in a pious deed

Is coming closer to the victory stand.

To lose the corporeal body in another pious deed

Is to gain upper hand.


See not an opus,

Search for the hidden ray

Wherein the conscience finds

Faith in day-to-day pathway.



Joys seem to be limited;

Sorrows seem to be unlimited;

Aspirations tend to be unlimited;

Fears tend to be unlimited.


Speech is criticism;

Silence is innocence;

Work is wisdom;

Patience is recompense.


Sacrifice is love;

Struggle is beauty;

Service is duty;

Sanity is trove.


Tranquillity is idyllic;

Solitude is aesthetic;

Felicity is artistic;

Blooming is music.


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