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A Letter to the Youth of Mother Earth

A Letter

(The image: Courtesy of Anja, cocoparisienne, from Pixabay)

A Letter to the Youth of Mother Earth


Dear Daughters and Sons

May Mother Nature bless you with the truth, physical and inner strength and bliss!


You are the future flag-bearers of humanity for the victims of ills and evils of the modern society. Society, the human society, equally belongs to one and all. You have your duties towards and your rights to it, for rights go pari passu with duties. If you claim your rights, the onus, at the same time, is on you to maintain the dignity of your rights and it is possible only when you have personal integrity.


There are certain things which can uplift you to a respectable position on earth:

  • Outline and determine yourself your significance and excellence.
  • Always do things carefully and positively.
  • Never mind what the world says if you have a clear conscience.
  • Always be hopeful about the outcome of your honest life.


Human life is the treasure trove of infinite powers of the body and the mind which you ought to, should and must attain, following a disciplined life. Only then can you have and be the grace and glory of humanity.


Every second teaches you if you are a rational soul; every happening inspires you if you are a living entity; every feel of Nature lifts you up if you are a willing person; every obstacle makes you stronger if you are the epitome of endurance.


If a wholesome meal is your appetizer as well as your mignardise,

If a clear aim in life makes you devoted,

If happiness makes you hum or sing,

If an inspiring company makes you do wonders,

You have the substance to be Nature’s favourite.


Make it possible with all your might and you are the worthy daughters and sons of Mother Earth.


Yours forever


Mother Earth

(The image: Courtesy of 51581 from Pixabay)


Thinking about the blog:

Opening Statement

The youth are blessed with natural energy, creativity and confidence.

Between the Lines

The youth are to find and use their hidden qualities and powers.

The End of the Line

Mother Nature bestows Her choicest gifts on disciplined youths.



Have you ever realized anything of the hidden powers you possess?



go pari passu: go together

the onus: the responsibility for something

integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles

conscience: the part of your mind that tells you whether your actions are right or wrong

treasure trove: hidden valuable things, qualities, etc.

the grace: the quality of behaviour that deserves respect

wholesome: good for your health

the epitome of: a perfect example of

mignardise: a bite-sized dessert which is served at the end of a meal

the substance: the most imortant part

(The image: Courtesy of Dorothe, Darkmoon_Art, from Pixabay)


NB Some words have figurative meanings.


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